Introducing the social platform "HELLO! TOKYO FRIENDS" for connecting and enjoying the “Tourism City TOKYO” experience in both the metaverse and the real world!

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau are proud to present a unique tourism concept: "Let's make friends in Tokyo." This concept allows visitors to expand their social networks while enjoying interactive games and augmented reality (AR) photography. Engage in these activities both in the metaverse—a virtual space created on the Internet—and in Tokyo's vibrant real-world cityscape.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau are excited to announce their new metaverse world, "HELLO! TOKYO FRIENDS," now available on the popular platform "Roblox." Experience the profound fascination of Tokyo while interacting with other users through this unique metaverse world.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is an immersive social platform where more than 65.5 million users (as of June 2023) enjoy playing games and interacting with each other every day around the world.

Metaverse Highlight 1: TREASURE HUNT

The “MODERN TOKYO,” which opened to the public today, is filled with impressive spots that represent today's Tokyo. Raise your TOKYO LEVEL by completing various missions in “TREASURE HUNT,” a game where you search for hidden treasures in the area. Many of these missions can be completed by cooperating with other users who are also exploring this world. Go on and enjoy the game and make new friends in Tokyo!

Metaverse Highlight 2: “SUSHI SHOWDOWN” Mini-Game

Experience a survival game where you pick up plates of sushi in a must-see Tokyo tourist spot, “kaitenzushi” (conveyor-belt sushi) restaurants!
In addition to games, the store also introduces trivia about sushi toppings, tableware, seasonings, and more. Gain knowledge and become a sushi connoisseur.

Metaverse Highlight 3: Tokyo Sightseeing Information

Discover detailed information about Tokyo's sightseeing spots at the information board located in the lobby at the "HELLO! TOKYO FRIENDS" entrance and at the information desk in the “MODERN TOKYO”. Engage with "HELLO! TOKYO FRIENDS" characters for a chance to learn interesting trivia about Tokyo!

"HELLO! TOKYO FRIENDS" on Roblox can be accessed here
(To access, you will need to download the Roblox app and register an account.)

We are also releasing the web app “TOKYO HUNT!” that allows you to enjoy real Tokyo tourism.

“TOKYO HUNT!” is a web application designed for experiencing the Tokyo you encountered in Roblox within the actual city.
Web App Highlight 1: Visit Checkpoints and Get Rare Roblox Items
The application features 9 checkpoints in Tokyo. When you visit these checkpoints, you can earn “emblems.” Collect three emblems to receive one rare Roblox item as a gift. We hope you will enjoy revisiting "HELLO! TOKYO FRIENDS" on Roblox, enriched by your memories of Tokyo.

Web App Highlight 2: Take a Memorial Photo with an AR Camera

Four of the checkpoints have AR camera functions, allowing you to enjoy taking photos with the "HELLO! TOKYO FRIENDS" characters. After your trip, don't forget to share your many memories of Tokyo on social media!

Click here to access TOKYO HUNT! No app download is required.
Those who are not Roblox users can still enjoy the app for AR photography and sightseeing information.

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