【New "EDO TOKYO" Unveiled!】 Take a Time Leap to Tokyo from hundreds of years ago!

The Roblox game "HELLO! TOKYO FRIENDS" now features the EDO TOKYO!
Experience obstacle courses with treasure hunts and avatars transformed into ninjas set against the backdrop of the Edo period, which lasted for about 270 years, starting 400 years ago.
Explore the unique metaverse world of Tokyo, blending tradition and innovation, alongside the already open modern area!

Edo Period (1603-1868)
This era, ruled for approximately 270 years by the Tokugawa shogunate founded by Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa, was a period of stability. It saw flourishing academics, education, culture, and various arts. The development of water transport and irrigation laid the foundation for the current prosperity of Tokyo.

Highlight 1: Reproduction of Edo's Culture and Streets
Dynamically recreate iconic places such as Edo Castle (main tower, Fujimi turret, and Hyakunin-bansho), and the Nihonbashi area, which was the economic center of Japan. Popular tourist spots like Senso-ji Temple are also vividly reproduced. Explore the streets of Edo while enjoying treasure hunts!

Highlight 2: Enjoy Bon Odori and Fireworks Together! Experience Edo's Traditions
In the Bon Dance Zone, lively music plays, and when your avatar joins the circle of characters dancing, they will naturally start dancing, providing a delightful and magical experience. Additionally, every 30 minutes, beautiful "fireworks" light up the night sky. Why not take a break by the waterside with your FRIENDS and enjoy watching the fireworks together?

Highlight 3: Become a Ninja and Dash through the Streets of Edo! "EDO DASH"
After changing into a ninja costume, enjoy the obstacle course "EDO DASH." When playing alone, take on the time trial challenge! If playing with friends, strategically use in-game "obstacle items" to aim for the first place!

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